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JLN Confined Space Rescue Team

Our teams are extensively trained in:

  1. OSHA Requirements
  2. Confined Space Standard
  3. Types of Spaces
  4. Duties & Responsibilities
    1. Entrant
    2. Attendant
    3. Entry Supervisor
    4. Hazards Identification/Classification
  5. Chemical
    1. Atmospheres
  6. Physical
    1. Engulfment
    2. Machinery
    3. Electrocution
    4. Heat/Cold Stress
    5. Suffocation
  7. First Aid and CPR

OSHA requires that any time entry is to be made on a permit required confined space or personnel are to utilize personal fall arrest systems that a rescue plan is included in the planning process that allows for a timely rescue of personnel. In addition to these situations, it is also a good idea to take emergency precautions in hazardous situations, such as a plant shutdown.

Our solution to your rescue needs is our fully equipped rescue standby team. Our team is comprised of professional fire fighters. This qualification ensures that they have high levels of training in just about any rescue situation you can imagine. Not only do these rescuers have high levels of training, but they also have a tremendous amount of actual experience with rescue. All rescuers are also trained at least to the EMT-Basic level, with most being full-mod EMT-Intermediates. The high levels of training and experience in both rescue and emergency medical care make our team the most versatile crew in the region and the best to suit your needs.

Our team has been tested at our hands-on facility to handle many high-risk, high-stress situations. If you are interested in participating in our hands-on confined space training, contact us here.