JLN Associates - Your Safety Team. | Spring 2017 Industrial Safety Season
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Spring 2017 Industrial Safety Season

Spring 2017 Industrial Safety Season

As winter ends and spring begins, many facilities will begin their season for scheduled maintenance. One aspect of these scheduled maintenance programs is the safety component. There are many types of projects being planned:

  • Power plants entering an outage
  • Bulk storage facilities entering a turnaround
  • Construction projects needing safety oversight
  • Warehouses doing pallet rack inventory or repair
  • Grain holding facilities entering storage silos for routine maintenance
  • Life safety systems in the facility in need of annual inspection

Regardless of the job, it is important to create and implement a safety program, and in many cases OSHA requires safety onsite for the duration of the schedule. Let JLN Associates PARTNER with your team to handle all of your safety services!

  • OSHA Compliance
  • JSA and Procedure review
  • Safety procedure creation
  • OSHA Certified on site Safety Services
  • Confined Space Permit Program Services
  • Confined Space Supervisory staff, Attendant and Firewatch services
  • Technical Rescue Team services for construction and repair teams
  • Forklift Safety services
  • Safety Training Services
  • First Aid training services
  • Onsite contractor Safety Orientation training
  • Facility safety orientation video production

Our certified and degreed Professionals can make ANY facility a safer place to work.

Call, text, or email our team to get information, a meeting, or a quote!